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The Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression is one of the remotest spot in the world and the lowest part in unique land formation of the world Great Rift Valley system, still this part of the earth unstable and pulling each other to the opposite side.
Erta Ale is one of the few volcanoes in the world that have an almost persistent lava lake; it is an isolated basaltic shield volcano, 50 km wide, rising more than 600 meter from below sea level. Absolutely unique Lava lake erupting all the time in the world, it is around crater because it is inside the rift valley system the earth still is not stable, not only for adventure trip or to see it is also the best place for study for Volcano. Still the science is not reach why and when the volcano is happening and how to save lives of many people death because of the Volcano and Earth movement.

Erta Ale means Smoking Mountain by Afar Language. At night when you walk to the volcanic hill Erta Ale 613 high you will see light from farther the at the sky walk over amazing extensive dry lava unusual topography.

Dallol is 100 km from North West of Erta ale the lowest part of Danakil Depression 116 below sea level extremely hottest and inhospitable place but enjoyable and extraordinary colorful landscape; nearby travelers can visit Lake Asale, which is a famous salt mining lake. This precious stone salt or Amole was once used as a currency in Ethiopia. Today, hundreds of camel caravans can be found on the road daily (with the exception of Fridays and during the hottest months from March- September) transporting this salt to the north western highlands of Ethiopia.
In this region, the climate varies from around 250 C (770 F) during the rainy season to 480 C (1180 C) during the dry season (March- August). Amazingly, it is one of the hottest places year round anywhere on Earth. Only the Awash River flows into the depression, where it ends in a chain of lakes that increase in salinity.
Dallol is a field of phreatic craters in the barren salt plain NNE of the Erta Ale Range in one of the lowest (and hottest) areas of the desolate Danakil depression.
The Dallol craters are the Earth’s lowest known subaerial volcanic vents. The most recent of these craters, Dallol, was formed during an eruption in 1926. Colorful hot brine springs and fumarolic deposits are found in the Dallol area. This area is pecial because it is one of the lowest points on earth not covered by water. There are hot yellow sulfur fields among the sparkling white salt beds. Heat isn’t the only thing people feel in the Dallol Depression. Alarming earth tremors are frequently felt. There are also several active volcanoes.

Temperatures can reach as high as 145 degrees Fahrenheit (63 degrees Celsius) in the sun, and top 93° Fahrenheit (34° Celsius) every day of the year. In the summer, not a single day dips below 104° Fahrenheit (40° Celsius). Dalol holds the record for the highest average annual temperature.


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